Bored. You weren't doing anything else anyway...

You Had One Job. I like number 16.

Fun Switcher. ALL THE SOUNDS.

Agency Wank. It’s not about buzzwords. It’s about your mom.

Call me Shirley. Well jiggle my panties and call me Rosie. Tracking the use of hate speech on Twitter.

Give Up. A game about failure. When did you click the blue button?

Download more RAM. Amazing that it’s free, when you think about it.

Birds with arms. People arms, to be precise.

Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Responses From Children. Some of these seem more like a cry for help than anything else, though the Heavy Metals one reminds me of my own experience in high school, for sure.

How common is your birthday? Using data collected since 1973 to determine how likely it is that you were born on a certain date on the calendar. My own birthday is pretty much right in the middle… yours?

Essay Typer. Enter a subject for your essay, and then keep on typing. Homework is so easy!

Fuck You, Broccoli. A discussion of the more revolting vegetables.

Kick Ass. Click the green button, or drag it into your bookmarks bar to Kick Ass on other sites (including this one). Use your arrow keys to steer, space bar to shoot. You’ll figure it out.

8 Bit Google Maps. I love Google, for lots of reasons, but they’ve outdone themselves with this one.

Least Helpful. A summary of terrible internet reviews. The “gay panic” section is particularly notable.

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